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sell reuseable coffee cups and help better our planet.


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Frank green sell reuseable coffee cups and help better our planet.

“We all want to do better by our planet. We know how bad single-use coffee cups, water bottles and plastics are for the environment. We’re also passionate about something well-designed, stylish, and really convenient.”

When we first started with frank green they were only running google advertising. They were having trouble scaling as they were capped by only advertising to people actively searching for their product.

They had no experience with facebook paid advertising and were hesitant to start as they did not believe paid advertising could be profitable on facebook due to being a social media platform.

In the first 90 days of working together, we were able to get a 6.87 ROAS and increase their business by 600%. Our main strategy was to use their existing Google data to find similar audiences on Facebook and focus on scaling their campaigns that were profitable.

We also set up a strong remarketing strategy in place, to capitalize on the traffic that was being generated by google but no remarketed too, creating an omnipresence approach for the frank green brand.

Quick Evolve | Frank Green
Quick Evolve | Frank Green
Quick Evolve | Frank Green
What Alicia Has To Say About Us
Quick Evolve | Frank Green

“The team at Quick Evolve created a facebook advertising strategy that greatly improved return on investment helping us take the worlds most loved reuseable cup to more people. We would like to thank Theo & the team at Quick Evolve for their hard work and helping us grow our business.”

Alicia TaylorMarketing Manager

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